Eat your veggies!


I don’t know about you but this arrangement of root vegetables makes my insides feel happy. After an indulgent weekend of Holiday related eating and festivities, this vegetable collage was exactly what the doctor (and waistline ordered). I had no recipe in mind and was pretty confident that any combination of what was available would be delicious once it was met with some olive oil and s&p and a hot hot oven. I went with what looked most fresh, in color and in price.

Here is what I ended up with:

Sweet potatoes




Red Beets

Golden Beets


Drizzle lightly with oil and sprinkle with s&p and pinch of rosemary if you’re feeling ‘earthy’. Roast for about 45-60 minutes at 375 or until lighty caramelized. This super-food side dish can accompany anything and is sure to be a crowd pleaser, even to the non-veg-liking-type since they get all sweet and crunchy the longer you cook them.