Holy Mole!


if you’re only ever going to make one thing you see on this blog, I insist, strongly advise it be this.

I visited my local taco spot/grocer over the weekend, La Tortilleria, and stocked up on goodies to make the most incredible tacos that will make any normally bland weekday dinner mucho caliente! I picked up some chorizo, corn tortillas (gluten free!), hot sauce, queso fresco, and some in-store made Mole sauce. In addition to the Mexican grocer/resto, I stopped at a larger supermarket to get the rest of what was needed for this meal I wish I was eating right now. Cilantro, avocado, pork tenderloin, beans, corn and some yellow onions. All you need now is 5 hours and you’re good to go. I should have mentioned that earlier.. this is a slow cook meal, but it does not have to be. I chose to cook my pork in a crock pot to make it pull-apart but if you don’t have the time, oven, stove top, microwave, anything that will cook your meat will do. Ok here we go.

I put my tenderloin in the crock pot and tossed in 2 quartered yellow onions and 6 cloves of garlic. That’s it. No oil, broth, nothing. The steam from the onions is the juice that cooks the meat. Cover, turn to high and simmer until cooked and pull-worthy. While that’s happening, cook your chorizo on the stove top until cooked through. Maybe 15 minutes. Chop avocado, rinse and drain beans and corn, crumble queso and slice some limes. Once the meat is cooked, add table spoon after table spoon of the delicious mole sauce until you reach your flavor peak, I ended up with using about 6 table spoons. Time to assemble. Drop a dollop of meat onto each tortilla, top with chorizo, avocado, beans and corn, a sprig of cilantro, sprinkle with queso and a drop or two of lime juice. Drizzle whatever your hot sauce of the week is on top. Get yourself a heavy duty napkin cause these babies are gonna get messy, and enjoy. At this point, my work here is done.

This one is for you Beak. Hope they have mole sauce in the Moose.