DIY Snausages

I’m well on my way to being a DIY in the kitchen kinda gal, whether it be making my own pasta, butter, or bread, I’ve made it my goal to be as ‘homemade” as one can be in a 4 by 10 foot kitchen with limited counter space. So when my sous chef had a meat grinder on his birthday wish list this month, I knew it was ‘twue wuv’

With 3 pounds of pork butt and 10 feet of casing (intestine) we were set. We decided to tackle something simple and crowd pleasing for our first go with good ol’ grindy, classic breakfast sausages. Sage and thyme complimented the pork nicely and some light s&p rounded it off. I refer to “we” because as you can see below, I had a helper. It wasn’t my birthday gift anyways… and it is a two person job. One to feed meat into “the hopper” and one on the south end to feed it through the casing (me).

I was quite pleased with our first attempt at sausage making and see a bright future for us in the world of meat grinding. Next into the hopper and onto our plates? BURGERS! Stay tuned…