Churn baby, churn

I like TV.  I’m not ashamed to admit it. I’m also not ashamed to admit that I believe everything I see on TV. So when I recently saw one of my favorite food network chefs make his own butter, I obviously had no doubt in my mind that I could attempt this culinary oddity.


  • One large mason jar
  • One 500ml carton of heavy or whipping cream
  • One set of vigorous jazz hands
  • 10 minutes of exertion and patience
  • One song you can fist pump to (twice)

Leave your cream out on the counter for about half an hour until it room temperature. Pour the cream into the mason jar until it is about 2/3 full. Replace lid and make sure its sealed tightly.. like really sealed. This is where it gets FUN! Start shakin’ it like your mama have ya. (hence vigorous jazz hands) Give yourself some shaking space and crank that beat. I strongly suggest something along the lines of Britney Spears “work b**ch” for a solid and repetitive beat.

You literally just have to shake the mason jar, vigorously, for about 10 minutes. The cream will get to the point of whipped cream consistency and your heart will sink (as mine did) that you a) don’t have anymore shaking room in the jar because its expanded b) must have done something wrong and don’t see how you’re going to spread whipped cream on your toast then BOOM! (actually it’s more like a suction sound) The milk fats separate before your eyes and are at opposite ends of the mason jar of the milk whey (technically butter milk). You now have butter. If you have cheesecloth you’re one step ahead of me, but if you don’t just gently pour the milk out, holding the butter in with a spoon. Reserve the liquid for baking if desired. You might have to strain is a few times to get rid of all the liquid. But there you have it, homemade butter. You can add salt, garlic, herbs, whatever your little heart desires.

ImageDid you ever think you would be making your own butter?