Winner Winner Chicken Dinner


While it might make sense for my inaugural post to be something more tame and less invasive (eg. hand in poultry cavity), I prefer to jump right in (eg. hand in poultry cavity) and make it known from the get-go that I don’t colour within the lines. Roasted bird, of any kind, has always been intimidating to tackle on my own but I thought it was time, at the ripe old age of twenty nnnn…ooonne….twenty-one.. yes, I was ready. Trust. If I can do it, it really shouldn’t be feared. This is coming from the girl who was actually afraid, legit fear, of raw poultry until a few years ago.

You have to start with a bird, a decent oven, or at least one you can understand, and some sanitizer for you and your counter ready because its going to get messy.

I chose a free run 3 pound chicken. I brought him home, gave him a rinse in the sink and a good pat down to dry off. I suggest getting all your ingredients prepared and portioned before hand so you’re not double dipping into the butter dish or salt&pepper bowl with chicken hands. NOT invited to dinner: sam & ella. No thanks. Heat your oven to 500F, hot hot hot. While that’s getting going, take a couple table spoons of room temp butter and massage it all over the bird, on top and under the skin, in the crevices, everywhere. S&P liberally and top with dried rosemary. Depending on the size of your chicken, you get to have some fun with the “cavity.” Mine was big enough to house half a white onion and half a green apple, they steam from the inside of the bird and the end result is mega-moisture juicy chicken.

Oven time. Place the chicken in a roasting pan or casserole dish, on a rack or on a home-made rack of veggies, brace yourself because that oven is HOT, in goes the bird for 25 minutes. He will get crispy, golden and delicious. After 25 minutes, lower the oven temp to 350F and cook for about another hour, more or less for a bigger bird. Its important the internal temperature reach 165F. Stick the meat thermometer into the breast and thigh and any other thick part of the chicken to check. Once all reads come back at 165F, take him out!! Cover him with foil and let him rest.

If your bird left with you some drippy goodness in the pan, do not throw it out. Make some gravy. Your chicken will thank you for it. Thicken with a rue of flour and butter and add water or chicken stock to add volume. Heat on medium to reduce to your desired consistency. Slice, drizzle, eat, repeat.